• Marakoopa and King Solomons Caves

    330 Mayberry Road, Mayberry TAS, Australia .

    Mole Creek Karst National Park

    The Karst National Park situated at Mole Creek is home to some of the finest cave systems in Australia, featuring Marakoopa and King Solomon's as two of its most prominent caves visited by the public.

    Photo provided by Tim Salt

  • Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary

    1892 Mole Creek Road, Mole Creek TAS, Australia .

    What a wonderful opportunity to walk with the Park guides through an informative commentary. You can even cuddle a wombat and pet a devil. The Devil Research & Education Centre is open daily.

  • Melita Honey Farm

    33-39 Sorell St, Chudleigh TAS, Australia .

    Situated in the quaint town of Chudleigh also known as The Village of Roses. Come and Spoil yourself, indulge in a honey ice-cream as you stroll through the rose gardens. Do not pass this treasure trove of special treats that caters for everyone.

  • Alum Cliffs Reserve/ Tulampanga

    Mersey Hill Road, Mole Creek TAS, Australia .

    Alum Cliffs is one of Tasmanias top 10 short walks. A surprising breathtaking view down to the Mersey River awaits after a gentle 20 minute walk.

  • Stephens Honey Factory

    25 Pioneer Drive, Mole Creek TAS, Australia .

    Family owned & operated apiary producing the world famous Golden Nectar Real Leatherwood Honey, Drive into the beautiful town of Mole Creek & pick up your supply

  • Wychwood Gardens and Nursery

    80 Den Road, Mole Creek TAS, Australia .

    A beautiful establishment not to be missed. 

  • 41 Degree South

    323 Montana Road, Red Hills TAS, Australia .

    View the fish farm & the wetlands, feed the fish, but best of all taste the hot smoked salmon products

  • Walls of Jerusalem National Park

    Mersey Forest Road, Mersey Forest TAS, Australia .

    An area not far from Mole Creek of spectacular mountain peaks & an alpine plateau of tarns & lakes. A very popular walk if you are after alpine beauty & isolation.

    Photo provided by Peter Grant, courtesy of Parks & Wildlife Service

  • Cradle Mountain World Heritage listed National Park

    Cradle Mountain TAS, Australia .

    Explore the mountain lakes & craggy peaks of the wilderness as you drive on up to the national park from Mole Creek. Tasmania's most recognisable landmark provides for a dynamic day out in the most spectacular landscape you are ever likely to see.

    Photo provided by Tim Salt

  • Devils @ Cradle

    3950 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain TAS, Australia .

    An all weather interpretation centre of The Tasmanian Devil

  • Truffles of Tasmania

    110 Trickett Road, Needles TAS, Australia .

    Experience the mystique of the prized Black Truffle. Gain insight from the most experienced Truffle Hunters in the country, meet our highly trained and prized truffle hunting dogs and visit the largest and most mature Trufferie of Oaks in Tasmania